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    La Rosetta Ristorante al Pantheon dal 1966 Chef Massimo Riccioli


    La Rosetta’s story begins in 1966 with Massimo Riccioli’s parents, Carmelo and Romana. As a doc sicilian, Carmelo gave Rome, the culture of seafood cooking, making La Rosetta the first seafood-only in Rome. Since 1981, Massimo Riccioli’s offers always changing dishes to his roman, italian and foreign customers. His way of cooking is always innovative and always searching for new flavours. At La Rosetta we serve only seafood from our area, making a selection of the best french oysters. In the last years Massimo enriched his menu with vegetarian and traditional meat dishes. The sommelier Gabriele Naso, will guide guests at La Rosetta through a rich wine card with over 600 national and international labels. Our main mission is to welcome our guests giving them a sensorial gastronomic experience to remember.



    Chef Massimo Riccioli’s creativity, his knowledge of various ingredients, mediterranean and exotics,
    his abilities creating unique mixes of flavours, make his cooking something extraordinary and fascinating.

    In a seafood restaurant with this quality, you will want to try a wine with the same level of quality.
    The sommelier Gabriele Naso, is at disposal of our clients to help you choose the best match dish/wine.

    The Chef accuracy doesn’t stop at seafood and wines; to finish your experience in the best way possible, at La Rosetta
    we have the most delicious handmade desserts, from our restaurant bakery, also responsable for making our bread.

    Chef, sommelier and La Rosetta’s staff are waiting for you at the best seafood restaurant in Rome!

    La Rosetta Ristorante al Pantheon dal 1966 Chef Massimo Riccioli

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    “La Rosetta” restaurant story begins in 1966 thanks to Carmelo Riccioli and Romana Colella, parents of the current owners Massimo, Stefania and Patrizia.

    It’s directed since 1981 by Chef Massimo Riccioli, with his international experience and his family teachings. Always searching for new flavours, their best matches and the most exclusive ingredients, the chef selects daily our products for the preparation of his most famous dishes, cooking with a team of passionate cooks. The local seafood arrives every day from Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Anzio.

    La Rosetta Ristorante al Pantheon dal 1966 Chef Massimo Riccioli

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